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Sharon (front desk) should be called "Jill of All Trades." Even when I've seen her trying to handle 4 things at one time (more than once) she is always cheerful. I have never see her be rude and I don't know how she does it all. A keeper!

Family member of a resident

Jennifer (activities) has gone above & beyond many times when it comes to my family member who lives here. Even on a "bad" day she is cheerful and is never rude.

Family member of a resident

Until recently I was a patient....and I just wanted to thank you for taking good care of me. I was in the Buckeye part of the home and my nurses were just wonderful. I had something happen to my husband while I was in there and he was taken to the hospital. I was so upset but your nurses were wonderful in calming me down and getting me through the night. I also had some aides that were really wonderful: Kaitlyn, Barbara, and Lisa, especially. My therapist went out of their way to make sure I would have a safe transition to home and just wanted to thank you for all of your staff's help.


To the staff here at Taylor’s Pointe, we thank you for all the care that was received for Leon & his visitor. I would refer anyone who needed assisted living to this facility. I give you all a 5-star rating! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I would like to acknowledge a special person who went beyond duties to help with the care of Leon. That’s Ms. Annette in housekeeping. We would like her to know we really appreciate her as a caregiver as well. Thanks for everything.


I would like to put a good word in for Sheri Ross - she went out of her way for me with many things. She is very sweet. I would also like to [thank] Katelyn. She is the best you have in this building! I love her so. There is not enough kind words I can say about Jill. I love her too. There is not a bad person here. Thank you all so much!


We would like the staff here at Taylor’s Pointe. We really appreciate everything. There are four people we would like the administration to recognize that were very special to us that went beyond duties. N’Gai Carr, Jennifer, Barbara, and April. These four are very special, and we appreciate them as caregivers! A special thanks to Natasha.


I wanted to thank you for all the help you've provided for me while was here. If it wasn't for you guys I would have never gotten better, and I appreciate it. Thank you for all the coffee you've brought to me; it's the little things that matter. You guys take your job so seriously and provide the same amount of kindness to everyone. Everybody here should know how much I care about you all and you will be missed. People don't really give you guys the credit you deserve, but you should know that every single one of you are all important. I'm gonna spread the awareness that you guys are genuinely amazing! Thank you for everything, and I will miss you.


Jennifer in activities is always so cheerful and friendly with a big smile on her face. She was made for that job. Sharon at the front desk also does a great job. She's always friendly and sweet and so very helpful. You are blessed to have them as employees.


Tom has been in Taylor's Pointe less than 3 weeks! As of today he can push himself around in a wheelchair, walk many steps with a walker and use the toilet without a lift. He could do NONE of this during the last 6-12 months. This is all possibles because therapists, Jill and Ryan have worked with Tom diligently and with great dedication to make this possible. Thanks to Jill & Ryan. I shared a video of Tom pushing himself down the hall. My family was amazed! They remarked, "it's the old Tom!" Also, the staff makes sure Tom partakes of daily activities which is quite beneficial to Tom's well-being. The family appreciates this inclusion in activities for him.


My mother loves it here. She says everyone is very nice. This truly means a lot to us knowing how well you all are taking care of our mother.


First impressions are important, and an initial impression of Taylors' Pointe is "Wow! What a clean facility!" After more than a month of visiting our dad on the second floor of this new setting, we are glad to say that what seems to the maxim motivating Annette in her daily routines is, "cleanliness is next to godliness." Not only does the quality of her workmanship reflect this, but also the fact that she radiates joy in the process of completing her tasks. She takes time to kindly and respectfully interact with the seemingly lost and lonely residents as well as the concerned and caring visitors. As a member of the housekeeping team, Annette does a stellar job of maintaining an environment that is welcoming and gives the visiting family and friends the sense of a caring environment. Every encounter with her and daily observations of her fulfilling her duties, leave us with a positive lasting impression. Many thanks to Annette and the other sharing in and completing the responsibilities of maintaining the safe and healthy conditions of the Taylor Pointe facility!


I have been at Taylor's Pointe for 2 weeks. I have never been in a rehab facility before and didn't know what to expect. From the first day everyone treated me like I was special. The nurses, aides and even housekeeping have treated me with respect and kindness. The therapy team was concerned about my progress and success but still made it enjoyable to be "tortured" Although we wouldn't pick the food, everything tasted great and the servings were large. Overall, I had a pleasant experience but am anxious to be going home today!


I would like to thank the staff and personnel of Taylor's Pointe for the service I received while my short stay here.
The staff and personnel were great. I would recommend this to anyone. Keep up the great work - you have done great work everyone!


"Home" says it all, for this is exactly how my son and I feel about his room and the facility of Taylor's Pointe. Ben is only 30 years old with Vascular Dementia. The nurses, aides, and administrative staff are always so nice and have gone out of their way to ensure Ben is adjusting to his new home and providing him with excellent care. As you can imagine, Ben is not your typical patient at 30 in a nursing home. The staff has accommodated his need for different types of food, entertainment, and makes sure he doesn't miss his smoke breaks - which was really important to him.
I am also pleased with the facility and how they keep the open sitting areas, hallways, and, of course, Ben's room clean and warm. For a working mom, having Ben at Taylor's Pointe provides me with happiness and relief. I no longer have to worry about him while I am at work or trying to sleep; I know Ben is being taken care of and in a safe and friendly environment.
In addition, when Ben first moved into Taylor's Pointe the maintenance team was all over it and within 12 hours, Ben's room was set-up and decorated - pictures/shelves hung up, TV/DVD players hooked up, and clothes put away with all of his belongings from his previous home. When I walk in his room, it makes me so happy to see him with all of his favorite things that he collected, and family pictures that are important to him.
I cannot thank you enough for everything you are doing for my son, Ben.
With Sincere Gratitude,


Although I was only there for a short stay, I loved everyone in therapy! The speech therapist was great and he met me with a hot cup of coffee every morning. The occupational therapist was really great too. I just loved her. There was one STNA that cared for me and if I asked for one cup of coffee she would bring me two. She always made sure my meals were warm and just what I wanted. The social worker was wonderful and he took care of everything I needed. He always followed up with me timely and made sure everything was good. He blessed me. If I ever needed to return to a facility I would choose to go back to The Home at Taylor's Pointe!


My short stay at Taylor's Pointe on wich I was not looking forward to, ended up being a quite enjoyable experience. The staff was caring and very professional. I would recommend the home at Taylor's Pointe or either a short term or long term stay.


My experience here was very good. The staff was always helpful and answered all of my questions...This was my first time in a Nursing Home. If I would ever have to go back, I would hope to come back here. It was fun to see all the Halloween decorations, it's made it very cheerful. I enjoyed the activities thank you for a pleasurable stay.


I love the staff and residents at this facility! Everyone here feels young! Amanda in admissions makes me laugh when she stops by. I didn't realize I'd be so happy here. I have nothing to complain about, but when I do, I'll let you know!

Valeria C.

Thank you for helping my sister Ann get into the Home at Taylor’s Pointe. We got to visit her a few weeks ago. The place is everything you said it would be. The staff has been great helping getting everything in order. Ann says she likes it there, and she feels safe. We can’t get there as often as we would like, but it is a real comfort and peace of mind to know she is being taken care of. Thank you! God bless and keep you.

Margo K.

I've been a resident at Taylor's Pointe for ten months. I enjoy the food and the staff that care for me. I appreciate how great the activities department is with keeping us busy and entertained.

V. Coleman

I've been a resident at the Home at Taylor's Pointe for eight years. I enjoy the activities here and am also thankful for the therapy department for working with me and helping me stay active.