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Honoring Our Veterans

June 8, 2022
Flag Day. Armed Forces Day. Independence Day. Memorial Day. Veterans Day. As Americans, we celebrate a dozen or more patriotic holidays throughout the year. These holidays allow us to not only honor the service members who have died but remember and honor those who have served and are living. It is so important to us to regularly thank all those who have served, take that extra moment to show military members gratitude for their sacrifice and go beyond what the average American does to defend the Land of the Free.

These men and women are not faceless. They are our friends, our fathers and mothers, daughters and sons - and we miss those we have lost in defending our country. Let us not forget. It's essential to know the difference in the holiday. Some honor the fallen heroes like Memorial Day, while others, like Veterans Day, honor those who have served, and then there is Armed Forces Day, which honors those currently serving in the military.

Every day, America's service members selflessly put their lives on the line to keep us safe and free. Some face a lifelong physical or emotional impact from an injury that happened at war or in service, requiring care and treatment. Foundations Health Solutions will be demonstrating our Culture of Care at our local VA hospitals to give a small token of our thanks by treating them to a snack or drink while they wait for medical appointments.

Make a difference in the life of others who were willing to sacrifice their life for your and our country. Find your way of acknowledging their service and sacrifice this upcoming holiday. There are so many ways to do this by donating to charities that support Veterans, supporting Veteran owned organizations or volunteering your time.

Taylor's Pointe proudly serves and accepts Veterans at our skilled nursing facility. We are happy to be able to provide these Veterans with the utmost excellence in care and nursing.

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