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Honoring The Colerain Senior Center Volunteers

May 9, 2023
Volunteers are the glue that holds our community together! Even helping out with the smallest of tasks can make a real difference to those in need. This year, The Home at Taylor's Pointe joined forces with the local YMCA in sponsoring the Colerain Senior Center Volunteer Award Ceremony for 2023. These volunteers were honored for their time in serving the community with an award and flowers presented by the YMCA Community Center.

The value of their time is priceless, even though money means nothing to a volunteer. They do it for many other reasons, with the biggest reason being to help.

There were many festivities for the evening, but food is always an important part! Taylor's Pointe Dietary Managers, DeAngelo Fordie and Moriah Bonner, were there to serve a delicious main course dinner of lasagna, breadsticks and salad, followed by a dessert of chocolate fudge brownies with caramel drizzle. Our Administrative Team, including Jessica Abner (Administrator), Patty Mullins (DON), Shelly Wright (MDS Nurse), Raysheena Chisolm (Activities Department), Deunka Hampton (HR) and Paige Slack (Admissions), was there as well. We are grateful to be a part of this tight-knit community and acknowledge those who donate their time!

Volunteering is not to benefit the volunteer but to make a difference to others. Although, there are many benefits for volunteers, including social, emotional, physical and professional perks. The time that you donate to communities builds bonds, creates friendships, develops corporate communities and adds fun to your years! It's said that volunteering increases your life, as well.

If you're interested in volunteering at the Home at Taylor's Pointe, please call us at 513.741.4888 and we'd be happy to speak to you!

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